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"B made"

I am Balázs Vargha from Hungary. I was born in 1988, Budapest.

Throughout my life, music has always been a major influence on me. Listening to music for years, I found that there is something catchy in all of the genres, but after a while I felt that electronic music was the one that touched me the most. Therefore my taste formed and became whole through Tech and House music in particular. Back then, learning the basics at musical school, I started playing the piano, but my initial knowledge and the tedious compulsory curriculum slowed down my evolvement. Later on, I realized about 15 years ago, it is much more satisfying for me, to incorporate my own thoughts into sounds and create my music, rather than just listening to the work of other artists. Since then there has been some omission, but now I am inspired and motivated again to fill in one of my childhood dreams, to produce music.

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